Glasgow: Diet for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Proper and healthy nutrition for women in the period before pregnancy and during its course is important for the optimal development of her baby and pregnancy, as well as to preserve the health of the mother. Pregnancy diet is one of the important determinants of intrauterine fetal to avoid underdevelopment. The best indicator of the correct energy consumption is to maintain a healthy weight before pregnancy and the corresponding (weight gain) the increase during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, increased daily energy needs, fat begins to accumulate - all this can lead to obesity. Pregnancy is also a state in which appear or worsen some of the ailments of the digestive system, such as nausea, heartburn, or constipation, which can be relieved by using healthy meal plans. We help our patients to choose the menu (healthy eating plan) so that your body receives all the nutrients you need. With us you will have the confidence that your future comfort comes into this world smiling and healthy.

If you want to know:
What to avoid during pregnancy (foods that avoid when pregnant) and what to eat when pregnant? Contact us! Today we will create for you healthy eating plan!


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